Worker's Compensation Injury


Crary Shoes can help you get on the path to freedom from these problems with corrective footwear.
Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will take care of all the paperwork from start to finish. Our expert shoemakers are happy to work in conjunction with your doctor to see that you receive footwear, orthotics, ankle brace and any other modifications that are best suited for your medical needs, career and personal lifestyle.

What you need:                                            

  1. An open claim

  2. A doctor’s prescription for custom footwear and/or modifications

  3. Claim#, claim adjustors name and phone number

  4. An appointment with Crary Shoes for a consultation 503.253.8984

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Will my boots look “orthopedic”?

The owner and founder, Bill Crary, is the son of Bill Danner from Danner Boots.  Our foundation is built on well-crafted, attractive boots.  However, if a serious foot deformity has occurred due to injury, the boots must accommodate your needs and therefore the shape may be affected.

We handcraft various styles of work boots, casual and dress shoes that will help you get back to living life the way you should be able to.  Crary Shoes has been serving workers’ compensation customers from the beginning and it is our passion to continue doing so for generations to come.


Can you make Custom Steel-Toe Boots?  

We are one of the only custom shoe companies in the country who manufactures custom steel-toe boots.  The boots themselves cannot be ANSI certified; however, the steel toes the are used in the crafting of your boots are certified the same as other boots on the market.  If there is a foot deformity involved or your feet are just too wide for the manufactured steel toe caps, we also make composite safety toes.  These are NOT ANSI certified, however, they can be made to fit any shape.

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The following are some of our solutions...

1) Injury:
Patient’s forefoot was severed when a crane fell on it. He was left with a transmetatarsal amputation and his feet produce excessive sweat.

Footwear Prescription:
Heavy-duty custom 8” work boots for working on large engines.
A socket/toe-filler has been created to cradle the transmet foot in order to give stability to the foot and to limit motion that would create excess amounts of friction.
The tongues are lined with sheepskin to help wick away moisture, caused by excessive perspiration.

2) Injury:
Patient put his hand on a crane and 400,000 volts of electricity grounded in his feet.

Footwear Prescription:
Custom work boots with a steel shank integrated to create strength where there are damaged or missing toes.  The steel shank and increased toe spring creates rigidity in the boot and assists with walking.
A custom orthosis made with a blend of polyurethane is an integral part of the boot to create a soft, yet durable bed for his feet.

3) Injury:
Patient fell off of a ladder two stories up and shattered his calcaneus. The orthopedic surgeon successfully fused his ankle and sent him to Crary Shoes.

Footwear Prescription:
A 12” boot with metal stays placed in between the upper and the lining has been created to limit any lateral and medial motion.  An AFO was built into the boot, so that the patient does not have to deal with the extra bulk and weight that a normal AFO creates.  The boot also has a 2”lift and a roller bottom for better mobility.

4) Injury:
Patient’s leg was caught in a grain augur while working on his father’s farm when he was 13 years old.  The extensive skin grafts make his foot and leg extremely sensitive.

Footwear Prescription:
Due to the skin grafts on this patient’s legs, we have lined his workboot with sheepskin.  The sheepskin protects his sensitive skin and wicks moisture away throughout his workday.


“You have had the most insight on making shoes that fit my needs and have provided the kind of personal touch, friendly business atmosphere and consistent results that will keep me as a customer for life. I am confident in saying that you do what it takes to get the job done and take a lot of pride in making sure the needs of your clients are met. This should come as no surprise to you but to a customer it means a lot.
I have had experience working with other companies who tried to make shoes for me. No one has been able to give me the kind of personal service and quality product that you have.
I am glad you are in the business to help me with making shoes that work for my needs. Without the shoes I am wearing today I would be in a walking cast or on crutches. It gives me a huge amount of confidence to wear shoes that don’t give me the stigmatism of going to work in a walking cast or crutches. The shoes you have built for me look professional, comfortable and fit my overall needs. The only complaint I would have is that I don’t have more of them to wear. - Paul