Please click on any of the links below to learn about Crary Shoes, our quality hand-made custom products and our support of US Veterans & the VHA’s “PAVE” initiative.

  1. “Crary Shoes: Quality VA Program Support in Custom Footwear Products”

    • PAVE Program Support

      • Prevention of Amputations

      • Wound Healing Support

      • Quality of Life = Footwear Support

        • Custom Foot Braces

        • Custom Hand-Made Shoes

        • Custom Foot & Toe filler

        • Custom Hand-Made Orthotics

  2. Crary Shoes: Where Heritage Meets Style | Boots that Stand the Test of Time

  3. Hear about Our Story & Shoemaking Process

  4. Hear another US Veteran’s Testimonial

You can also click below to download and print our VA Sheets, to share with your local VA provider, making it easy to order with Crary’s from anywhere in the nation: