What is an Extra Depth Shoe?

Extra-depth shoes fill the large gap that lies between shoes from a regular shoe store and custom orthopedic shoes.  Extra-depth shoes can be modified to give your feet maximum fit, support, relief and comfort.  You do not have to be diabetic to purchase extra-depth shoes.

  • At least 3 widths to accommodative narrow to wide feet

  • 3/16” - 1/4" of extra-depth to accommodate hammertoes or swelling

  • Limited seams at the toe to eliminate unwanted rubbing

The extra-depth is important because it allows plenty of room for a foot custom orthotics.  Foot orthotics can relieve excessive pressure on your foot, reduce shear or the movement of your foot within the shoe, accommodate foot deformities, limit the motion of painful joints, and much more.

We offer selections from 7 different brands in order to provide our clients not only with aesthetically pleasing options for every walk of life, but even more importantly, every brand has it's own unique shape and structure.  

The Crary Shoes difference...

We are NOT a typical retail shoe store, but rather a Board Certified Pedorthic Facility.  We operate by appointment only, where a Certified Pedorthist will talk with you about your particular foot troubles, evaluate and measure your feet and recommend the best footwear options.  In most cases we will need to order the particular style, color and size that is just right for you.