Degenerative Joint Disease

Osteoarthritis (OA) or degenerative joint disease (DJD) is the most common destructive arthritic diagnosis that affects the ankle joint.

Orthotic management can reduce pain by maintaining talar alignment and limiting ankle motion during gait.  Many physicians recommend patients try a non surgical approach first and in some cases, surgery isn't an option depending on other co-morbidities a patient may be facing.

If you have severe pain in your foot and/or ankle, see your specialist first for a proper diagnosis.


  • Custom AFO - Ankle Foot Orthotic (shown here)

  • Custom Molded High Flange Orthotic (mild DJD)

  • Rocker or Roller Bottom

  • Extra Depth Shoes - slip on shoes almost NEVER work with a gauntlet AFO. We always do our best to accommodate your current footwear when possible, however, it is often necessary to go up 1/2 shoe size. It is always best to bring you roomiest lace-up or velcro shoes with you to your initial evaluation with our Pedorthist.

Are AFOs covered by Insurance??

Most insurance companies WILL cover a custom AFO with the proper diagnosis and documentation.  The typical base HCPC billing codes code is L1940 (solid) or L1970 (hinged), which generally falls under your durable medical equipment benefit.  

Unless you have diabetes mellitus, accommodative shoes and other modifications like a rocker bottom are generally not covered.



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