Custom Molded Orthotics

Soft- Accommodative  

Starting at $200.00 per pair

This accommodative tri-laminate orthosis is designed to absorb shock, increase balance and provide pressure relief for uncomfortable or sore spots.  This type of orthotic is often prescribed by a podiatrist for patients with diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and other fixed deformities.  A “total contact orthosis” is made from a model of your foot and can be a great aid in reducing calluses, relieving painful bony prominences and even healing ulcerated areas.


  • Easily adjustable

  • Shock absorbing

  • Economical


  • Generally extra depth shoes are required

  • Need to be replaced often


Starting at $350.00 per pair

This accommodative foot orthotic is our most popular.  They are generally made using a firm material, such as cork or a high-density EVA and then covered with a variety of shock absorbing materials.  Semi-rigid orthotics are often prescribed to accommodate deformities, offload painful bony prominences


  • Easily adjustable

  • Shock absorbing

  • More comfortable


  • Tend to be a bit bulky

Rigid Functional

Starting at $400.00 per pair

Functional foot orthotics are designed to control foot function, and may be made from a firm material such as plastic or carbon fiber.  They can correct an irregular gait, pain in the legs, back and knees by properly aligning the foot and ankle. 


  • Durable - last for years

  • Slim - fit well into standard shoes


  • Difficult to adjust

  • Relatively stiff, therefore, less shock absorbing

Light Orthotics

Starting at $225 per pair

These orthotics bridge the gap between an over the counter orthotic.  Using infrared light, we can make a custom molded orthotic in under 10 minutes and you leave our office with your orthotics the same day. If you have tried over the counter, non custom orthotics and they aren't quite enough, this may be the perfect solution for you.

 We are the only company in the Pacific Northwest to offer this brand new technology with the ability to make our clients custom, functional foot orthotics right on the spot.  No waiting for weeks in anxious anticipation.  Take your orthotics home the same day!

Advanced Materials

Light Orthotics have the most advanced composite design of any orthotics available. Our dual-stiffness laminate design, along with our Fascia Flex   feature, ensures support and stability when standing, yet just the right amount of “give” when in motion.  

Precision Fit

Our new technology enables the most precise fit possible because we are able to transform a flexible material into a shaped orthotic device using a light- curing process (no heat). This capability is truly unique to Light Orthotics.


Light Orthotics include a textile-lined open-cellular PU top foam to improve breathability. This is unlike most custom orthotics that use closed-cell foams because they are assembled with solvent based glues. Light Orthotics can also be hand washed.

Will my insurance cover orthotics with a prescription?

If you have diabetes mellitus and a qualifying foot condition, you will most likely have coverage for HCPC code A5513.  If you do NOT have diabetes, but you have a commercial insurance plan, you may have coverage.  Use HCPC code L3020 to see if your insurance will cover a percentage.  This code will fall under your DME (durable medical equipment benefit) and you must meet your deductible BEFORE your insurance will pay.