Post Ankle Trauma

 There are many different ways to injure an ankle and sometimes they can be repaired with surgery, but often times a non-surgical approach might be the best answer.  Obviously this is a personal decision that your orthopedic surgeon or podiatrist will help you make.  Whatever your situation is, we offer a number of non-surgical options to help get you back to living the life you desire.  For some that might be providing for your family through your job in construction, for others it might be hiking in various parts of the world and even if your goal is just to be able to walk comfortably through the grocery store, Crary Shoes is here to help.

Talk with your foot and ankle specialist to devise an appropriate treatment plan.  Our team is here to help implement that plan based on the prescription provided by your physician.


  • Ankle Arthrodesis/Fusion
  • Ankle Fracture
  • Torn Ligaments