Rocker Bottom Soles

Rocker Bottoms: rocker bottom soles are used to assist with foot problems such as arthritis, hammertoes, metatarsalgia, healing ulcers, heel pain, and much more.  The are different types of rocker bottoms that are specific to each foot problem.  Our Pedorthist works with you to recommend the right kind.  If balance is an issue for you, we can modify the rocker style to help with this.

Roller Bottoms: roller bottom soles are a type of rocker bottom, but they are often used to create mobility for someone with an ankle fusion or to use with an AFO (ankle foot orthosis).  If balance or stability is an issue, then we do NOT recommend a roller bottom.

Heel to Toe Rocker:  this rocker type is often recommended when a patient does not have the balance for a roller bottom, but needs the foot to be as immobilized as possible.  We often use this style for a diabetic charcot foot.

Double Rocker: this rocker type is most often used for midfoot arthritis, but can also be used whenever the desired outcome is to relieve pressure at the midfoot.

Keep in mind, it is best to put rocker soles on newer, high quality shoes.  If you are going to pay for them, you will want the shoes to last a long time.  

Why do I need to put them on both shoes when I only have damage on one side?

Unless the affected side ALSO needs a sole lift due to a leg discrepancy, you will need the rocker sole on both shoes to even out the height of the sole, as well as make your gait more fluid.

  Do You Qualify for Insurance Coverage??

Most insurance companies do not cover rocker soles, however, if the medical necessity is due to a work injury or you are an injured Veteran, then you might have coverage.  You can check with your insurance by asking about your DME (Durable Medical Equipment) benefit for HCPC code L3410.