Shoe Modifications

Rocker Bottom: Rocker bottom soles are used to assist with foot problems such as arthritis, hammertoes, metatarsalgia, healing foot ulcers, heel pain, and much more.  The are different types of rocker bottoms that are specific to each foot problem.  Our Pedorthist works with you to recommend the right kind or we will fill the prescription from your physician.  Learn More →

Roller Bottom: Roller bottom soles are a type of rocker bottom, but they are often used to create mobility for someone with an ankle fusion or to use with an AFO (ankle foot orthosis).  If balance or stability is an issue, then we do NOT recommend a roller bottom.

Flare: A flare can be added to the lateral (outside) or medial (inside) side of a shoe in order to provide stability for excessive pronation or supination (ankle rollout) without negatively effecting the knees or hips.

Wedge: Lateral or medial wedges are often added to shoes when someone has severe pronation (medial) or supination (lateral) or the foot is fused in a certain position.

Lift: Lifts are added to shoes when there is a limb length discrepancy.  LLD can be caused from a birth defect, a hip replacement, or various other reasons.  Back, knee or hip pain can be a sign that you might have a LLD.  Lifts can be added to the inside of your shoes, but we do not recommend more than 1 cm.  Full length lifts are almost ALWAYS indicated unless indicated by your physician.

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