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We have the great pleasure of working with clients all over the country.  

The initial pair of shoes is a process of part art and science.  Once you have the right "recipe", it can be recreated time and again with a simple phone call.  

Obviously, a trip to Portland, OR isn't in the cards for everyone; however, if you are seeking a custom shoemaker to work with for the long haul, it's a worthwhile investment.

Our headquarters and shoe factory are located on Airport Way, just a few miles East of the PDX airport. This makes travel to, and from our store, a convenience for local and non-local clients, alike.

You can Uber your way over for an appointment and head right back for a same day flight OR stay and see all that Portland, Oregon has to offer.

Planning to Visit?

Where to STAY, what to DO and most importantly, where to EAT...

“Travel Oregon”

Make the trip a vacation by exploring the beauty of Oregon

Impossible for you to make the trek to Portland?  

Crary Shoes is an Accredited Facility by the American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics and Pedorthics.   Click on this link to find an Accredited Facility in your area.  You can ask if they would be willing to do a foot evaluation and proper casting for a fee$$.

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