Limb Length Discrepancy

 Leg Length differences can happen for many reasons, such as a birth defect, post hip surgery, traumatic injury and more.  If not corrected, a LLD can result in major back, hip an foot problems.  Most LLD require a FULL LENGTH lift, so merely adding a heel lift only can still result in the previously mentioned problems, unless you have heel equinus.


  • Internal shoe lift - up to 1cm

  • External full sole lift - up to 5cm+

Are shoe lifts covered by insurance?? 

Most insurance companies do NOT cover lifts.  The HCPC billing code is L3310, which generally falls under your durable medical equipment benefit.  In most cases we require payment in full at the time of the service, except in cases for Worker's Comp claims and Veteran's Administration.

You can bring in your own shoes to have the lift put, you can purchase extra depth shoes from us on or a lift can be added to any of our handmade shoes.

What if I don't know how much of a lift I need?

Our Certified Pedorthists are happy to help you with this process.  There is a one time consult fee for the evaluation.  Many of our clients come in with a prescription from a physician; however, keep in mind that if this is your first time, you might only be able to tolerate half of the actual difference.

The Crary Shoes difference...

Here at Crary, we understand that not only is it vital to get the proper lift amount for your body, but aesthetics are also important.  We don't just glue material to the outside of your shoe.  Our process, whenever possible, is to remove the original sole, add EVA in the color that most closely matches the existing color and then replace the original outsole.  Much of the time, no one would ever know you had a lift on your shoe.

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