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Extra-depth shoes fill the large gap that lies between shoes from a regular shoe store and custom orthopedic shoes.  Extra-depth shoes can be modified to give your feet maximum fit, support, relief and comfort.  You do not have to be diabetic to purchase extra-depth shoes.

Bill Crary, Master Shoemaker

If Bill Crary has shoemaking in his blood.  Son of Bill Danner, of Danner Boots, Bill worked in the Danner shoe factory until 1978, when he moved on to open his own shoe manufacturing business building custom footwear direct to the public.  He has developed a very unique set of skills over the past 50 years in the industry.  Making custom shoes for an individual and their unique foot issues is much more complex than simply making shoes to fit a plastic model/last.  Each project has it's own set of complexity and problems to solve, patterns to make and adapt to extremely unique shapes

Meredith Crary-Johanson, Certified Pedorthist

This cost does not include custom orthotics or modifications.  Many of our clients use their Health Savings Benefits on our products and services

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