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Whether you have arrived here because of a traumatic injury, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, a congenital foot deformity, or solely for our quality, you have come to the right place.

- Over 47 years of shoemaking experience

- ABC Accredited Facility - American Board Certified in Pedorthics

- Full-time Certified Pedorthists on staff

- Friendly & Knowledgeable Staff 

Only company in the Northwest with a full-service factory in-house!! 

                              We do NOT send your casts out to have shoes made, we make them right here in Portland, Oregon.

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    Custom-Molded Footwear

    Special Features:

    - Soft-accommodative inserts for added comfort and protection

    - Wide opening for easy entry

    - Padded collars and tongues

    - Deep throat collars for adjustment in case of swelling

    - Soft, durable tumbled leather for additional comfort and flexibility

    - Shoes can be made lightweight or heavy duty depending upon each individual's activity level

    Have you been suffering from foot pain for as long as you can remember?

    Crary Shoes will provide you with the best quality protective footwear on the market. All of our footwear is custom hand-crafted to fit each foot, providing comfort and protection.  Properly fitting shoes with accommodative inserts can hep prevent much of your foot pain,  blisters, ulcers and possible amputation.

    Are these shoes covered by insurance?

    Unfortunately, unless you have diabetes, the answer is most likely not.  Medicare plans only cover shoes and inserts for persons with diabetes; however, some commercial plans with cover custom molded orthotics with a prescription from your physician.  If you have coverage for custom molded orthotics, this will help reduce the cost of the custom molded shoes.  Call your insurance to ask about your benefits.

    Treatment with Proper Footwear

    Shoes must always fit comfortable and have adequate width and depth for the toes, but have a sturdy structure. Quality leather shoes easily adapt for the shape of your feet and allow them to breathe. Many times orthotics are necessary to protect bony protrusions and to provide ample cushioning and support. NEVER WALK AROUND WITH BARE FEET!

    Crary Shoes uses soft, yet durable leathers in all of our custom molded footwear to provide the wearer with adequate support, that is flexible and breathable. We know that an extremely stiff structure can cause rubbing, and yet a marshmallow shoe will break down too quickly. Don't go a moment longer without giving your feet the proper care they deserve.

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    What do the shoes cost?

    Prices can vary quite a lot depending on the style you choose and the condition of your feet.  We have developed several styles pictured below that start at $750.00, but beyond those styles our factory can make just about anything.  

    Other styles, including our custom boots, start at $1400.00 and up depending on the style and orthopedic modifications needed and complexity of the foot problem.


    Can the shoes be repaired?  

    Our shoes are made to be resoled or reheeled in order to get as much wear out of them as possible.  How long they last really varies from person to person.  The custom molded inserts can also be replaced as needed, without replacing the entire shoe.  

    Women's Styles:

    Addison T-Strap (w/ or w/o flower detail)

    Annie Lace Oxford 



    Hi-Top Sneaker {Elastic and velcro closure}

    * Shown with sporty outsole

    Hi-Top Sneaker {Lace closure}

    All leather Sneaker w/ perforations {Italian Leather}

    Explorer {Velcro closure}

    Colors: Black (unisex), White (unisex), Brown (men), Bone (women)




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