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Your patients are in great hands with Crary Shoes! 

We are an Accredited Full Service Pedorthic Facility in Portland, OR

It is our goal to be a vital player of the foot care team and we believe our role is...

  • To provide amazing service and products to every patient
  • To educate patients on proper footwear, orthotics and AFOs
  • To assist in making the paperwork process as smooth as possible for both the physician and patient
  • To develop long term relationships with our patients that ultimately results in better patient compliance and overall foot health.


You can download our prescription forms here:


You've successfully diagnosed your patient... what's next?  If you aren't sure what the best footwear/orthotic option is, let us help guide you to a solution.  Learn More →

Accepted Insurance:

  • Kaiser
  • Providence
  • HealthNet
  • MODA
  • Healthcare Resources NW
  • Medicare
  • Veterans Administration - VISN 20
Crary Shoes has saved my career. They gave me the ability to go to work, get around safely and not have to worry so much about my feet when I’ve got so many other things to take care of. - Bill Brannon


Are you a Pedorthist, Orthotist, Prosthetist or Podiatrist and need a custom shoemaker for your patients?

Before sending in an order, we require the following...

1) A thorough foot evaluation by a pedorthist, prosthetist, orthotist, or podiatrist

2) A cast of each foot just over the ankle using an STS casting sock (No plaster casts)

3) WEIGHT BEARING tracings and seated measurements of the feet (see video below)

4) Filled out Work Order indicating foot problems, shoe style, modifications, etc.

5) Pictures of the feet in weight bearing (optional, but very helpful for complex situations)

 Download our WHOLESALE PACKET and fill out the form below to request pricing.  All of our footwear is MADE IN PORTLAND, OR, so if you are looking for great fitting, quality footwear, you have found the right place.  If you are looking for cheap custom molded footwear, then we aren't the place for you.  

Our prices are subject to change at any time and our wholesale prices are NOT 50% of our retail price.

Please watch our instructional video BEFORE evaluating casting your patient

Have any questions? Would you like us to send you more information?

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