Have you been diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus?

Did you know that with a prescription and statement of certifying physician from your doctor, that most insurances will pay for one pair of shoes and up to three pair of inserts and/or modifications each year for those who qualify?  *Typical coverage is 80%, leaving the patient with a 20% coinsurance.

Here at Crary Shoes we know how important it is to take excellent care of the diabetic foot.  People with diabetes who experience any level of neuropathy are vulnerable to calluses, blisters, ulceration and even amputation.  It is our goal to improve the level of protection and comfort of your feet.  We are trained, certified and experienced in handling foot problems as they relate to diabetes, arthritis, trauma, congenital foot deformities and other chronic foot problems.  Diabetic foot management is a team effort and we want to be an active, participating member of that team.

The Process...

The process for getting diabetic shoes and inserts is a little different for everyone, depending on your insurance and the physicians you see for your diabetes.  We are here to help make it as smooth as possible.

For patients with MEDICARE, here is a basic overview of the documentation required for coverage.

  1. Prescription for shoes and inserts- including number of units

  2. Chart notes from prescribing physician detailing your foot condition (This can be your podiatrist or PCP)

  3. Statement of Certifying Physician (signed by MD or DO only)

  4. Chart notes from IN PERSON VISIT WITH physician signing the SCP (MD or DO only) Physician CANNOT be a NP or PA

  5. If these chart notes do NOT discuss the foot condition… then Chart notes from Podiatrist need to be signed by the MD or DO

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Whether you have diabetes mellitus, hammertoes, bunions, wide feet or just need more depth to accommodate and orthotic, every shoe featured here has the following features:

  • At least 3/16" additional depth

  • Comes in at least 3 different widths

  • Limited seams for sensitive feet

We offer selections from 7 different brands in order to provide our clients not only with aesthetically pleasing options for every walk of life, but even more importantly, every brand has it's own unique shape and structure.  

The Crary Shoes difference...

We are NOT a typical retail shoe store, but rather a Board Certified Pedorthic Facility.  We operate by appointment only, where a Certified Pedorthist will talk with you about your particular foot troubles, evaluate and measure your feet and recommend the best footwear options.  In most cases we will need to order the particular style, color and size that is just right for you.

women's styles

men's styles