Custom Molded Footwear

Custom molded footwear is made from an actual MOLD or a CAST of your foot, not just the bottom of your foot, but the entire foot just over the ankle.  When making custom molded footwear, we ALWAYS take casts of BOTH feet as they are most likely different from one another.  In addition, we take measurements by hand, weight bearing tracings and often times photos.  The information acts as the blueprint for the shoes we are creating.  You can watch our casting video to see who we are and what our process is like.

Custom molded shoes are NOT a luxury item, but rather a medical necessity for the majority of our clients.  If there is a deformity present and you have diabetes, if you are an injured Veteran or if you have suffered an accident on the job, you more than likely have coverage for some type of custom shoe.  For those of you who do not fit into these three categories, this footwear will most likely be private pay.  We have developed a several collections in order to best meet the needs of all of our clients.  


The process in which we build your custom footwear is very similar for all of our styles.  It is our goal that custom molded shoes be attainable to everyone who needs them due to a medical necessity and for this reason we have developed a couple of different collections at an attempt to meet those needs.  The evaluation, the molding process and the function of our footwear is the same regardless of the style. The difference is in the choices of style, color, materials and durability.  


This collection was initially developed for our clients in need of diabetic custom molded shoes and each style meets the requirements through the Medicare Therapeutic Shoe guidelines.  These styles are also great for any foot deformities, such as rheumatoid arthritis, club feet, toe amputations and much more.  You do NOT have to be diabetic to order these models.