Custom Shoes Orthopedic Process

Approximately 90% of the footwear we craft is for medical patients needing accommodation because of degenerative foot conditions, or as a result of accidents. We work with many workers' compensation injury victims, diabetics, and professional athletes that have become aware of the great need to protect their feet from daily abuse. For a large majority of our customers, the shoes they wear are considered medical devices, not luxury items.

Crary Shoes has been serving customers all over the country for 28 years. Many local orthopedic surgeons and podiatrists send their patients to us because of diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, ankle fusions, congenital deformities and much more.



In 2007, Derek Shin earned his dental hygiene associate’s degree at Untitled Technical College right here in Washington, D.C. He started at Keene Dental in 2008. As a District native, he treats all his patients with the familiarity of a neighbor. He’s passionate about bringing considered, quality care to all people, and devotes a lot of time volunteering his services at free clinics. He loves spending time with his dog and watching science fiction films with his partner.


Maja earned her associate's degree in Office Administration at Nameless College. In 2000, she moved to Washington, D.C. with her husband and joined the Keene Dental team. She is a scheduling extraordinaire and prides herself in having developed the system that keeps patient wait time under five minutes. As an interior design enthusiast, she took it upon herself to create an inviting atmosphere for our office. She enjoys rock climbing, painting, and video games.