STARTING AT $1600.00

The cost of custom molded footwear is all-inclusive.   From the fitting and consultation to the custom molded orthotics and the final fitting with follow up.  

The final price is subject to change due to the complexity of the project and foot issues.  We will ALWAYS provide you with the total cost prior to starting production.

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Our Hunter boot is a lace to toe model that works extremely well as an orthopedic boot.  It is very adaptable to uniquely shaped feet and the lace to toe feature is great for easy entry, especially for those with limited ROM (range of motion).

The standard height is approximately 8", but it can be lowered to 6" or raised to 10", 12" +  The cost increases as we raise it higher than 8".

Please complete the form on this page and we will contact you within 48 hours to answer your questions, discuss your options, and more.  We look forward to guiding you through this process and manufacturing you the best footwear you have ever had.  Please note that you are NOT committing yourself to a purchase by submitting the form.  This is just the best way to get the process started.  The final price of the boots will be dependent on the complexity of your foot problems and the orthopedic modifications that are needed.